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Easy Rail Kit Builder

 Our easy rail system is the simplest and most discreet of the hanging systems. Coming in a variety of 3 different finishes, you can select that one that best matches the interior of your application space.

 Building a system is easy, first you must select a finish from below. After you must decide what material you would like the cable to be made out of; nylon, stainless steel, or processed steel. Compared to Ball end The Cobra ended cables allow for easier changes between pictures without sacrificing strength. As for our self-gripping hooks they come in a variety of shapes and 3 different finishes to match any wall or decor, and are used to attach the media to the cable or rod.

 If the picture you are hanging is large or not hanging straight you may need a picture stabilizer that attaches to the cable and keeps everything as straight as you need. Finally for hardware we recommend the drywall or concrete package depending on where you plan on hanging your piece, with spare parts available as needed.

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