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Ceiling Rail System

The Ceiling Rail System

The MBS Hanging Systems Ceiling Rail is a simple and discreet way to hang art with a rail that securely mounts to the ceiling. The Ceiling Rail System can be used in either an open or closed face configuration depending on your specific needs.

The Ceiling Rail System is designed to work with a variety of J-Hook cables and rods. This adds strength and durability to the system while still maintaining flexibility and giving you customized display options that can be changed as needed. Just pick any of the Hook cables or rods and any of the compatible hooks for your art pieces or pictures and installing them on the rail is simple, quick and secure.

Like all of our art hanging rail systems, the Ceiling Rail System is compatible with a wide variety of cables and hooks that allow you to effortlessly adjust your display horizontally and vertically to your needs. The white-painted finish can be also be sanded and repainted to any color of your choosing to match your room's colors and look.

The Ceiling Rail System comes in 3 discreet finishes that will give your display a unique look that will help to make your exhibit the center of attention and not the hardware and because of the easy installation process, you can have a beautiful art display anywhere in no time! Like all of our products, there are technical specifications and detailed drawings available to plan our the perfect installation.

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