Easy Rail System Locator

Easy Rail System Locator
Easy Rail System Locator

The Easy Rail System Connector is designed for use with the Easy Rail Track. We suggest using a System Locator every 12 inches to provide the most secure application. Thanks to the easy installation process you can have an exhibit displayed anywhere you would like in no time! If you look below you will notice technical descriptions about this particular item.
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Sku CTL100
Material Aluminum
Finish Nature
Installation Hardware None Needed!
Tools Required None Needed!

Installation is very easy!
We recommend a System Locator every 12 inches.
After determining where your rails will connect, simply mark where your screws will be going, drill any necessary holes, insert your anchor, drop your screw through the System Locator, and screw your screw securely into the anchor.
Be sure that your System Locator is level prior to tightening completely.
Once your System Locators are installed, simply insert the top edge of the Easy Rail Track into the top edge of the System Locators, then push the bottom of the Track into place on the bottom of the locators.
Now you are ready to hang your art!