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Art Hanging Systems

Our modern and sleek Art Hanging Systems provide you with style and versatility in every line. The easy to use, easy to install, easy to change system will make displaying your treasured artwork a snap! Hanging pictures has never been easier.  Perfect for everything from retail displays to your classroom's artwork, these systems are made to provide you with flexibility and ease, allowing for creative displays anywhere. These Picture Hanging Systems are frequently used in galleries for art exhibition hanging systems and in museums as well.  Forget the damage to walls and the repair and painting that comes with it - with this system you don't even need a wall!

When purchasing an art gallery hanging system (picture rails) there are four essential parts you need that our art hanging system configurator helps you choose.  You need the following:

  • Rail
  • Cables
  • Picture Hanging Hooks
  • Mounting Hardware

3 Art Hanging Systems

The three art hanging systems listed above all have their unique characteristics. 

The Easy Rail is a very small and sleek rail that is very easy to install as it "Easys" on to special grommets or "locators".  This system is the lightest but easiest to install.  It is recommended for smaller, lighter works.  Notice that this rail has a built in track or groove to accept special cables that slide into it.

The Classic Rail is a much more rugged system and can support several hundred pounds of weight when properly installed.  This system uses a "hook" based cable that hooks over the rail.

The Ceiling Rail is a specialized rail that mounts to the ceiling.  Notice that this rail has a very pronounced part of the material on the top that allows for mounting crews to be run through and into the ceiling above.  This is used when either the wall can't have items affixed to it or the needed placement of an item requires it to be hanging where there would be no other support than the ceiling above.  Examples would be a flag stone wall that is too rough of a surface to mount things or a room with cathedral ceilings where you might want a piece to be suspended in the room.