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When to Use Cable and Rod Systems

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Rosemary Jackson

Creating an attractive sign can be difficult, but hanging it can be even harder! Most people want to hang their sign in a way that does not steal from the attractiveness of the sign itself.

This is where cable and rod systems become extremely handy! They are very strong and they will ensure that everyone’s eyes are exactly where they need to be, on your sign!

Stainless steel cables are great for when you want to place images directly on the wall. Want an example of when this may be helpful? Think about when you are buying a home and you want to look at color, floor, and countertop samples for your new house. Being able to physically touch these samples will make the experience much more effective and enjoyable. Cables are what will make this possible!

When it comes to the appearance of these cable and rod systems, there is nothing more chic and modern. The lustrous appearance will add a pop to the décor, and compliment the attractiveness of the sign you are hanging. People love the fact that signs and pictures do not need a frame with a hook, but can use the unique appearance of the metallic cable running down the side.

Shelves can be very boring. Cables will make them exciting for all! When you use cable and rod systems for shelving, it may look as though the shelves are floating. It is a great, creative way to display different items, and the gravity defiant appearance will appeal to a variety of people.

There are many options for hanging signs and displays. Using cable and rod systems is an option that people will not be able to take their eyes off of.