Variable Mounting Options

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Brian Fuqua

While most signage is mounted flush to a surface or wall, there are many applications in which such a mounting method would prove ineffective and possibly devalue the sign’s ability to convey any and all information. Such locations include hallways and narrow passages where identifying a location is critical information to be conveyed to visitors. Other instances of the lesser degree of flush mounting signage would be in areas where the majority of the traffic passes across the front of a room or other destination.

Consider the Direction of Traffic

For example, let’s say a specific destination is located on a hall with one wall facing north, and the other wall facing south while all hallway traffic moves in either an east to west direction or a west to east direction. While it’s not impossible for a percentage of that traffic to direct their attention (away from straight ahead of them) to the face of the wall where the sign might be flush mounted, it is not nearly the most effective method of mounting the destination’s sign to designate its location.

Perpendicular Mounting

When you have traffic that passes by a destination, the most effective and efficient way to capture the attention is with flag mounting critical signage, especially when that signage is intended or hoping to direct traffic to the location. When a sign is mounted perpendicular to the wall, it’s impossible not to notice it, sticking out from the flat surface and conveying critical information.

Flag Signs Offer the Perfect Solution

Flag signs create a perfect display for conveying important information in helping to pinpoint and identify a specific location better than any other method of sign installation. These flag signs can be mounted just as high as the walls can extend to meet the ceiling, to avoid their becoming an obstacle in any way. They come with 2 Tempered Glasses 7 1/16'' x 7 1/16'' x 3/16'', a High Grade Stainless Steel Round Bar, a 2 Point Wall Attachment and 2 Glass Connectors. They are streamlined and convey an image of sleek design.

Flag Mounting Method Puts You In Charge

Mounting with a flag sign means you can easily print up the information you wish the sign to bear, and as its seen from two directions, you want to ensure that no light passes through the sign to interrupt one side of the sign’s information from being seen by the other side, so there are custom made opaque inserts which are easily placed between the two sides, right in the middle, which prevent unwanted visual “bleeds” from occurring. This gives a very clean, professional appearance and allows you to change out the information as you determine its necessity, putting you in the position of being able to easily switch out the sign as you see fit.