Unique Uses of Signs for Your Business

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Kaur Ravinder

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the signage in and around your business makes an impact on customers and potential clients. Make that impact a positive one by exploring unique ways to use signs, including eye-catching materials and colors and versatile mounting displays. Unique signs make your business stand out from the rest.

When selecting signs for your business, opt for bold, pleasing designs in complementary colors. Custom signs in colors that complement your company's branding initiatives create a uniform look and draw in customers.

Give your company a modern, sleek look by using standoffs and suspension systems to display your signs. Standoffs, which set your signs away from the wall, come in a variety of metals. Stainless steel and aluminum standoffs are available in inexpensive finishes and can be used indoors or outdoors. Higher quality, satin finishes are also available, with a range of shapes to choose from, such as squares, circles or domes. Desk standoffs anchor glass nameplates to desks, giving your office a modern look.

Projecting wall mounts and flag-style mounts give wall signs a unique style and attract attention. Stainless steel suspension systems hang signs from the ceiling with available connectors to hang additional signs. MBS offers a large selection of standoffs and sign mounts, as well as straight and curved glass signage.

Though you may not always notice their impact, signs are an important way to draw attention to your business and bring in new customers. Unique signs, such as glass signs mounted with metal standoffs or wall mounts give your office a modern, sleek look. Check out the large selection of signage and mounting materials at MBS.