Picture Rail System Component Primer

Full Name: 
Valerie Mellema

You’ve decided an Mbs picture hanging system is the right solution for your artwork mounting needs – great! You’ve made a smart choice. But you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at all of the different options for hanging and configurations. We understand, and we’re here to help sort it all out for you. Here’s a look at some different components of our systems and what they can do for you to make hanging your art easier.

Swan hook – this innovative picture hanging solution allows you to wedge the hook in behind crown molding, then hang cable from it in order to achieve a super discreet, low profile look that utilizes your existing molding.

S-hook – this piece hangs from the classic or ceiling track and allows you to hang a self-locking looper cable from the other end so you can suspend your artwork without the use of a ball-end or cobra-end cable. This option lets you customize the length of the cable, creating whatever look you desire.

Tension spring – use this component with two classic or ceiling rails to create a tension mount system that adds stability and style to your arrangement. Mount one rail at the top of your display and one the desired distance below, using the tension spring to connect the cable snugly between the two.

Picture stabilizer – this part is particularly helpful when hanging multiple pieces of art along one cable. The stabilizer mounts on the cable, behind the artwork, keeping it level across the wall. This prevents the pieces from wobbling back and forth, causing one side of the painting to be closer or farther from the wall than the other. Picture stabilizers come in small and large sizes, at approximately five and 10 inches across respectively.

Hardware – when it comes time to fasten your picture rail to the wall, we will not leave you on your own out in the cold. Each rail system description tells you exactly which hardware you need, and you can get it right on the same website, for a great price to boot. We carry picture rail mounting hardware for drywall as well as cement, plus we offer packages that contain all of the pieces necessary for one entire rail.

Despite the wide selection of hanging options available from Mbs, when it comes down to actually using the components, it couldn’t be easier. But if you still need some advice, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to find out how you can get the best picture rail system at the best prices in the business.