Often Overlooked Signs that Standoffs can Make Great!

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Mary Williams

Standoffs help you to create a professional display by including beautiful, polished hardware that gets noticed. Customers will see the glint of the metal, drawing in their eye, and they will be impressed by the sleek and sophisticated look that they create. Standoffs are perfect for displays throughout your lobby and your customer service areas. However, there are many other places you can use them in your business.

Here are a few overlooked signs that standoffs can make look great:

Entry Signs

Make sure you make a good impression the moment that customers enter your lobby. Hang a “welcome” sign or a sign with your company’s name or logo, and put it in a display with polished standoffs. If you choose your company’s logo, make sure you choose a finish for the standoffs that best complements the colors and style in the logo.

Restroom Sign

Your customers will notice your attention to the little details. When they head to the restroom, make sure they see a beautiful sign accented by polished standoffs. You can use them on the sign that says “restroom,” as well as on each sign on the restroom doors. Choose a well-designed sign to make even more of an impact.

Displays and Business Cards

Desktop displays are a great way to get attention for your special products or current promotions. You can use standoffs in your desktop displays, as well as your business card holders. These displays will show that you care about creating a professional presentation in every aspect of your business, which will increase customer confidence.

From your entryway to your exit signs, standoffs are a great way to improve the profile of your office. You’ll create a professional and eye-catching display that will impress customers and inspire their confidence in your products and services.