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Impact of an Office's Appearance

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Matthew Smith

There are many things that one can do to increase their productivity rate at the office. Having a clean office can make more of an effect on the psychological workflow than any other change. Being surrounded by clutter can effectively destroy any strong mindset. No matter how focused an individual is people need space to think and not feel like their entire lives are being stacked on top of them. Here is why a cleaner office area will boost a person’s moral in the office.

A worker who surrounds themselves in clutter immediately is setting themselves up for disaster. While the only things that needs to be on their minds in the office should be their task list, being surrounded in clutter will serve to be a great distraction after no more than one hour in the office. There are those who believe that just throwing things in a random area “intentionally” and remembering where it is is still affective but they are missing the point entirely. The main problem with having a cluttered office is not that they will lose things, it’s that important things can go out of sight and soon after out of mind. With everything surrounding the desk being one gigantic blend of clutter, it is easy to forget what needs to actually be taken care of when the environment itself was never finished.

This does not mean go on a clean strike and make the most square and clean environment that is possible for mankind to build. That will only lead to workers becoming bored and losing what drive they came to work with. Workers need to be in an area where the complexity has already been taken care of and the worker can feel like they are in their element to take care of what their position covers. People come to work. Without a little character of the environment to boost them when the hours get long they will become bored. A great office should be given the proper time to be made into a positive working environment because essentially what comes from an office is what comes from the workers minds. If those minds can not concentrate on what needs to be done then why would anybody expect anything better from the results?