Customize Your Picture Hanging System

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Valerie Mellema

Art display systems - affordable.At Mbs we understand that one size does not fit all. The cookie cutter approach simply isn’t our style, and we think our customizable art hanging systems reflect that philosophy. Whether you’ve got one painfully empty wall in your home, or you’re a curator in need of an entire museum hanging system, we don’t have just one predefined solution – we give you the opportunity to walk through a step-by-step process of choosing only the components you want and need.

First, pick your rail – choose from:

  • Click rail – This is easily installed and allows you to hang lighter artwork with ease from a low-profile, attractive, flat base in a variety of finishes. Use ball-end or cobra-end cables in nylon or stainless steel to hang your pictures, and easily arrange, change, and mix them up by simply sliding the cables out of one of the rail ends.

  • Ceiling rail – Our most versatile option, you can hang the ceiling rail open- or closed-face, and use P-end cables, or P- or J-end rods to mount your artwork, either floating, or close to the wall.

  • Classic rail – This sturdy rail holds a tremendous amount of weight – up to 300 pounds – and allows you to choose from cable hooks, rod hooks, or s-hooks for hanging your cables. You can also use the classic to create a tension-mounted system, ideal for multiple pieces along one cable.

Next, you’ll choose your hanging rods or cables, hooks, and accessories. Rods and cables give you the freedom to slide your pieces anywhere you like horizontally. Choose from among a wide selection hooks to fasten your art to the cables – l-hooks, self-gripping hooks, and crane hooks all allow you the ultimate in versatility for adjusting your pieces vertically.

Once you’ve decided on a rail and cables, you’ll choose from accessories like picture stabilizers, self-locking loopers for use with s-hooks, and tension springs for your double-ended displays.

You’re not done yet—we also provide you with all of the hardware options you need, for installation on drywall or cement. By the time you’re done configuring your system you’ll have everything you need to create your entire display, from start to finish. The only thing you need to provide is the artwork!

Don’t see exactly what you need? That’s no problem with Mbs. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll put together a system that fits your needs. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect art hanging system at the best rates in the business.  Or, if you like to do things for yourself, you are welcome to use our system configurator for Click Rails, Ceiling Rails and Classic Rails by clicking on those links.  This will take you through the exact process outlined above to choose your parts and hardware.