Customizable Standoffs - Hardware

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Robert Blake

Our Customizable Line is so amazingly flexible, that we're breaking down each section of the system to show you all of the amazing possibilities! If you're not familiar with our Customizable Line of standoffs, you can see an overview of the system in this blog post. Check out Part 1 - Caps and Part 2 - Barrels to see where it all starts or keep reading here to see how everything comes together!

As we learned, our Customizable Line consists of 5 basic parts: Caps, Studs, Barrels, Combination Screws, and Anchors.

Anchor Image Combination Screw Image Stud Image

The Anchor installs in the wall and provides a secure base for the rest of your setup.

The Combination Screw's small end screws into the anchor, then the base of the barrel is screwed onto the larger end of the combination screw.

The Stud screws into the front barrel, goes through your material, and the cap screws onto the other end of the stud.

We generally recommend a Nylon Washer on either side of your material to protect it being scuffed or scratched. If your material is especially fragile, we suggest going one step further and adding a piece of Plastic Tubing to go over the stud to protect your material even more.

Choosing the Right Pieces

Many times customers find it confusing when trying to make sure they are getting the right size parts, but the process is easier than it might first appear.


When selecting a stud, you need to know two things: what the thread size is for the Cap and Barrel you have selected and the thickness of your material.

The proper thread sizing can be found on the product page for either the Cap or Barrel you have selected. If you look in the product's attributes table, there will be an attribute labeled "Thread". You can also find the thread size labeled on the product drawing, the 2nd tab on the attribute table.

Thread Size attribute example image


Once you know the thread size, you can determine the length of the stud you need. In general, we recommend a stud that is long enough to go through your material and still have enough left over to go 1/4'' into the cap and 1/4'' into the barrel.

Combination Screw

In order to select the proper Combination Screw, you only need to know what the thread size is for the Cap and Barrel you have selected.

We just learned how to find thread size in the Stud paragraph. Once you know the thread size, just select the 1'' long Combination Screw in that thread size.

If you are installing a heavier sign, we recommend using a longer combination screw, such as the 1 1/4'' or 1 1/2'' variants, to ensure the maximum performance from your installation.


Choosing the right anchor simply depends on the combination screw's size and what surface type you are installing into.

For Combination Screws with a thread size of 6/32 or 10-24, you will use a #6 anchor.

For Combination Screws with a thread size of 1/4-20 or 5/16, you will use a #8 anchor.

If you are installing into drywall, you will use a Plastic or Zinc Speed Anchor. If you are installing into concrete, brick, stone, or similar materials, you will use a Concrete Anchor.


Now that we have de-mystified the Customizable Line, you can be confident in your ability to create amazing signs without limitation! Get started building your own system today. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 813-938-6025 or send us an email at - we're more than happy to help in any way we can.