Create a Modern Atmosphere With a Projection Sign

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Sharon Armstrong

Regular signs lie flat against the wall and are most visible to an oncoming viewer. However, if you want people to view your sign as they walk past it, a projection sign is a great alternative. Use this type of sign for restrooms, help desks and storefronts along a busy sidewalk to demand viewer attention.A projection sign is one that protrudes from a wall at an angle, which is normally 90 degrees. Three-dimensional signs are often made of plastic, and some feature internal illumination for added visibility. These signs are cube-shaped or prism-shaped. Two-dimensional signs are normally made of glass, wood, plastic or aluminum. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but they require specific projection mounting systems to secure them to the wall.

To ensure that your sign's mounting is secure and reliable, use high-quality clamps and standoffs made of stainless steel. Choose products with a satin-brushed finish to give your sign a look of utmost sophistication. Depending on your chosen type of projection sign, mounting components include wall clamping, wall mounted side support standoffs, wall clamping links, chains and glass connectors. These components are inexpensive and widely available, but be sure to speak to an expert to ensure that you purchase the right equipment. Professional installation is not normally necessary.

Use a projection sign to add a touch of modern class to your facility while grabbing the viewer's full attention. If you really want to add visibility, choose a three-dimensional sign with internal illumination. Use the proper projection mounting system made with stainless steel to ensure that your sign is secure for years to come.