Suspended Cable Systems

Aluminum Suspended Sign Systems provide a great solution for many types of displays including wayfinding signage using ceiling mount sign hardware.  How frustrating is it to try and find your way around somewhere that does not use hanging wayfinding signs of some kind?

This type of signage has been used in large venues for many years due to the size and nature of these buildings. They can be difficult to navigate without directional signage. By providing your patrons with highly visible forms of wayfinder signs using our suspended sign systems it is a great way to help guide people where they want to be. Make your business or venue a pleasure to visit.

Since our wayfinding signage products are suspended from a ceiling it ensures maximum exposure.  Below you will find the suspended sign hardware needed to hang your signs from a ceiling.  We offer systems that can hang from drop ceiling rails as well.  They have proven very useful in many different formats such as:

  • Corporate Centers
  • Hotel Lobby and Event Areas
  • Restaurant Signage
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Sporting Venues
  • Event Centers
  • Shops
  • Box Stores
  • Strip Malls

*Please note: this is the hanging hardware only. We do not supply signage. Please contact your local sign company for your specific needs or, you can create your own signs.