Glass for Standoff Sets

Sign Glass Sets from MBSGlass signs are a great way to display items with a very professional look that elevates a space.  Tempered glass signs just have a richer look. You can tell the difference between glass and acrylic, can’t you?  Glass just looks better.  It reflects the light truer and just has a crisper look than plastics.  It is easier to care for too.  Acrylic has its place, but for a display that will feature something important? Tempered glass is the way to go.  At MBS we offer you the following styles of glass sets in various sizes:



Flat Glasscomes in sizes from as small as 5” x 5” up to 34” x 22”.  Depending upon the format there are some with no holes that work with our edge grip standoffs, some with 2 holes and other with 4 holes.

Curved Glass Sets – there are fewer choices but the impact is greater.  Depending on what standoff you use they can be on a desk, table or counter in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation.  They can also be used on vertical surfaces like walls and doors. 

When it comes to the hanging and design of the sign itself, there are many options for this. There are projecting systems that hold the sign perpendicular to the wall, suspended systems that hand signs from the ceiling and cable systems that can be a simple single sign or a big grid that takes up an entire wall. In addition to the hanging systems for the signs, there is also the Hardware & Tools required to assemble and hold the sign up. We make a piece called a standoff that comes in several shapes and styles and are very inexpensive.

Tempered glass is glass that is much stronger to withstand cracking and vibration. The other type of glass for signs is curved pieces. This type of glass comes with convex format, which allows it to stick out or bow in, depending how it is installed. This will allow the sign to be viewed differently. So, no matter which kind of glass is used, the glass needs hardware to be hung. The main hardware involved in doing this are standoffs, like mentioned above.