Rod Wayfinding Signs

Suspended rod systems are used to create high-impact directional signage and wayfinding sign systems. This type of signage is suspended from the ceiling by rods that can support considerabbly more weight than cable systems. MBS offers the choice of either aluminum or stainless steel rod based systems.

Rod suspended signage has proven itself as an extremely versatile signage solution. It provides the ability to have vertical and horizontal configurations in addition to a variety of grid arrangements. Due to the highly adaptable nature of rod suspended sign systems they are used to create many creative and impacting sign displays such as:

  • Office Directory Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • ADA Signs

There are many different aspects to consider when creating a wayfinding signage design. Just to touch on some things you should consider the typeface, orientation, landmarks, physical reference, color, and icons. These are just pieces of the puzzle when it comes to wayfinding and directional signage design.

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