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Posted  |  By Janet Ward

We've all "been had" at some point in our lives. Whether we've been hoodwinked by a fast talking salesman whose guarantees turned out to be worthless, or by a shady company whose "warranty" wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, the experience was one that we won't soon forget. And as a customer of MBS Standoff Systems, we fully understand that you're wary of claims and promises that sound "too good to be true".

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Posted  |  By Ramon Williams

There are numerous surfaces upon which interior signage can be mounted, like stonework or brick, marble, hardwood, composite paneling, drywall and plaster. It’s important to identify the material that the surface is made of and its characteristics in terms of weight-responsiveness and porosity.

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Posted  |  By Cassy Williams

Companies nowadays are increasingly resorting to the use of high quality devices for successful installation of signage in offices. Components like standoffs are highly durable and also look fantastic on signs displaying the brand name of the company.

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Posted  |  By Dave Prom

While brand building is predominantly about enhancing the quality of products and creating memorable advertising campaign, keep in mind it can also refer to tweaks you can do at the office. With the right design upgrades made to your office, you can actually take your branding efforts on a different level and create a whole new personality for your business.

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Posted  |  By Leroy Williamson

A worker’s office is sacred space. Within that space, a person needs a great atmosphere—one that promotes work, reduces laziness and keeps a worker on their toes. Many offices have pictures, and are adorned with various certificates and memorabilia. But what makes an office decoration meaningful? What makes an office decoration effective, or even useful to the daily life of a worker?

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Posted  |  By Amy Hall

An out of date, mismatched office not only looks aesthetically unappealing, but can turn off potential clients and customers. A tasteful, modern style can maximize one's office space and give a clean, professional appearance. Redoing one's office doesn't always need to be an expensive endeavor. Using a few simple tips and tricks, it is easy to turn a frumpy office into a modern, vibrant looking space.

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Posted  |  By Mary Wood

Low morale can be the bane of any company. It reduces productivity, increases turnover, and can wastes a good deal of money each year.

One easy and inexpensive way to lift employees' spirits is to purchase desktop nameplates. While it seems like an insignificant matter a nameplate really goes a long way to boost morale.

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Posted  |  By Trey Bradbury

There are many different applications a person can use to help them with their design projects. Some applications are better than others. Some are more user friendly than others. Finding the right application for what the person is looking for can be a hit and miss situation. Not everyone likes the same design project applications or think the same apps are user friendly. Sometimes it takes trying out more than one app to get the right one for what the person is looking for. 

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Posted  |  By William Eldridge

The relationship between the human eye and the brain is fascinating. This relationship allows the color spectrum to be seen and experienced. Research suggests that introducing colors schemes into a work environment will improve employee productivity. http://www.mbs-standoffs.com uses color to create stimulating environments according to specific departmental responsibilities.

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Posted  |  By Helen Jones

Wayfinding signage is a must in any working environment. Whether you’re working in a busy office environment, or managing a growing primary school, you’ll need a set of wayfinding signage that can inform, guide and direct employees, guests and other residents. In short, business wayfinding signage can help in promoting improved customer engagement and build a brand. While it may sound like an easy project to undertake, keep in mind that certain requirements must be met. Here are three (3) critical requirements that must be in place when redesigning or even setting up a collection of new signage for your office.

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