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Posted  |  By Judy Brown

When mounting the hardware for your signs, you should take the time to consider the material comprising the surface upon which the sign will be mounted. Unless you are going to be mounting your signs on thick hardwood surfaces or log cabin walls, you are going to need some extra support. The most common surface you would be mounting on would be drywall, which, by itself has difficulties holding a hole for anything weighing much more than an ounce. With drywall, you need to carefully consider the size and weight of your finished sign. If it’s lightweight enough, drywall anchors will suffice. Make sure you get the right size anchors to go with the hardware, and always begin by drilling a pilot hole, just under the diameter of the hardware screw. There are different types of drywall anchors, so check with a professional about the choices and which will work best for you.

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Posted  |  By George Smith

Mounting units such as televisions or picture frames seem like a straight-forward job, but many pitfalls await the unwary handy man. One potential hazard is not taking the material of the wall into account. It is not just a matter of the wall being able to properly support the weight but whether it can do so without cracking, crumbling or other damage.

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Posted  |  By Mike Heidel

Ask any professional sign maker or display marketer, and they will tell you that the three keys to success in business are:

1) Create every sign or display as if your business life depends on the client loving it...

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Posted  |  By Kristy Fisher

If you want to screw into your drywall to attach it to the frame you have several options depending on what you are attaching the drywall to. All you will need are drywall screws and a screwdriver.

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