When it comes to hooks, Mbs features a wide selection of types and looks, all designed to make your art hanging experience easier, more attractive, and more reliable than conventional hanging methods. Our carefully designed components give you a variety of features that work seamlessly with each of our rail and cable systems.

Here’s a look at some of our hook options--all of which work with cables on our click, ceiling, and classic rails:

  • Crane hook – this wonderfully versatile hook features a generous opening that works with a wide range of mounts. The side screw makes it simple to tighten the hook to the cable, as well as to adjust the height of the picture whenever you wish.
  • L-hook – you know those annoying saw-tooth frame hangers? This hook tames those hazardous beasts with ease, allowing you to hang the art stably and simply, and giving you fast adjustability with a side screw tightener.
  • Smart spring – this clever little hook isn’t fancy, but it is effective. The top self-tightens where the cable passes through, allowing you to simply squeeze and slide in order to adjust your artwork vertically.
  • Self-gripping hook with safety lock – those awkward mounts can be difficult to get under control with regular picture hooks. This handy component not only fits through a variety of wider, oddly-shaped mounts, but it also has a locking gate that adds stability and security.
  • Self-gripping low-profile hook – sometimes you just don’t want a bulky hook interfering with the lay of your painting. This low-profile hanger is the ideal solution to that problem, and with the easy self-gripping adjuster you can move your artwork up or down at the simple push of a button.
  • Self-gripping captain’s hook – elegance and simplicity define this easily adjustable hook. The clean lines and polished finish make it a classy solution for even the most sophisticated of fine art.

MBS cable hooks for art hanging

Whatever your needs, our extensive collection of mounting hooks make customizing your picture hanging system as simple as using it, at lower prices than anyone else in the industry.