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MBS is an industry leading manufacture for the highest quality, most affordable Picture Hanging Hardware & Systems available based on picture rail hanging systems.  These picture rail systems ( cable hanging systems) are priced generally 30 percent or more below our competitors.  Our picture hanging hardware is designed to eliminate the need for spending hours coming up with your picture hanging ideas, measuring, leveling and making holes in your walls.  Hanging your art is now simple, looks beautiful and is really affordable.  Just slide your cables where you want, slide your hook where you want and hang your art!  You can now make any design or pattern.

If you are new to these Picture Hanging Systems you can click the comparison chart link below to get a quick look at each of their strengths.  If you have any questions please call us!  We are here to help you.  The more informed buyer you are the more you'll understand why buying from MBS Standoffs is your best option:

  • Highest Quality
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  • Best Customer Service  

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At MBS we thoughtfully design every aspect of our Cable Hanging Systems from the ground up.  Not only do we consider the aesthetics and beauty of our products but functionality as well.  Our picture hanging systems are used not only in commercial environments such as corporate centers, galleries and museums but they have made their way into luxury homes as well.   So not only does it have to look incredible but it has to be durable and easy to install and maintain.

There are several Art and Picture Hanging Systems available to choose from designed just for your application. 

Create Your Own Picture Hanging System

We have a system that helps you configure your own rail system.  If you'd like to try that please click the appropriate link below.

Easy Rail System Builder | Classic Rail System Builder | Ceiling Rail System Builder

Or you can buy your own individual parts to make up your system with the links and information below.  We recommend you try the links above if you are new to these systems. 

Choose Your Rail Type

Easy Rail – Our closed-face Easy Rail Art Hanging System is perfect for galleries, museums the home or office, providing a sleek appearance when a beautiful, clean look is important. Easy Rail Systems provide a discrete appearance as they are both attractive enough to be used just as they are or they small enough that they can be mounted behind finish carpentry such as crown molding. This method will completely hide the track from being visible providing a clean consistent look.  These rails are very discreet.

Classic Rail – The Classic Rail System offers several configurations to meet your specific needs using cables or rods.  For a very clean look for items less than 15 lbs (30 lbs. if two cables are used) we offer a nylon cable that is barely visible and gives your items the appearance that they are magically suspended.  If you need a more robust system you can use aluminum rods raising the capacity up to 300 lbs.  The versatility of this rail can not be over stated.  If you need a multi-purpose rail and can mount it on our wall this would be your best choice.

Ceiling Rail – for unique applications where a wall mounting is not ideal Mbs offers a Ceiling Rail System.  This can be used where wall surfaces are not smooth, such as flagstone facing that is very popular or brick.  It can be used to mount art and painting where spaces have vaulted or cathedral ceilings bringing art into the active areas.

Choose Your Cables/Rods

After you know what rail is the best for your application the next step is to choose your cables.  To a certain degree the choice is made for you because certain cables only work with certain rails.  But you can choose between Clear Nylon Cables or Stainless Steel Cables.



Choose Your Hooks

Now that you have chosen your rail and your cables or rods you need to select your final piece of the picture hanging system in the hooks.  As with the other parts, some of your selection has been narrowed by your previous choices.  There are hooks for cables and hooks for rods.  You can make your choice accordingly. 




Accessories are not required but make the system more stable.  An examle would be our picture stabilizers and tensionsing systems.  

Picture stabilizers are used when using only one cable in the center of the piece.  They keep the art balanced on the wall so that it is not sitting crooked.  Where one side is not touching while the other is off the wall.  Or, If you have your art hanging where there is a breeze from open windows or fans this will keep it from moving.  We have them in small and large sizes.

Tensioning systems are just what they sound like.  They keep the cable taught with a spring loaded system.  This does require doubling the number of rails as the tensioners mount on the rails at the floor level.  But it looks great and really makes the system stable.  

If you have very valuable pieces, we recomend tensioners and hanging your art with two cables.  The tensioners keep the system rigid.  The double cables are just what they sould like.  Extra insurance.  Place one on each side of your piece.  This will insure that they stay exacly how you put them.  You will never have to straighten those pieces again.

Mounting Hardware 

The final choice you have to make is your mounting hardware.  Like much of the choices, this is made for you by the substrate you are mounting your system on and what is behind it.  In most cases these systems are hung inside on drywall surfaces so they require a mounting screw when screwing into a wall stud or an anchor to support the screw when no stud is present.  We also carry anchors for concrete installations as well.

Mbs has the hardware you need for your art and picture hanging cable systems.  If you would like more information on the strengths and weaknesses of these types of hanging systems we have comparison chart for your convenience CLICK HERE.  Or, please call us.  We are happy to help you through your purchase.  That is what we are here for.

Our professional staff is focused on making sure that customers get all the items they need and our group of experts ensures that your order is filled quickly and accurately.  All of our in-stock orders ship the same day even after 1 PM.  If you are in Florida you will get your items the next day.

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