Easy Rail System

Wall Hanging

Our closed-face Easy Rail Art Hanging System is perfect for the home or office, providing a sleek appearance when a beautiful, clean look is important. Easy Rail Systems provide a discrete appearance as they are able to be mounted without any finishing, they can be painted or they can be mounted behind finish carpentry such as moldings, trim, and even built into a soffit. This method will completely hide the track from being visible providing a clean and modern look.

Easy Rail Easy

These Art Easy Rail Hanging Systems are deceivingly discreet.  The heigth of the rail is only one inch (1"). 

What makes them a "Easy Rail" is that the rail itself has a built in track that is snapped onto a system "locator" or "clicked".  This method of installation is very efficient and not only looks great but is easy to install.

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Wall Hanging

Easy Rail Art hanging SystemEasy Rail Systems consist of one track mounted overhead, or alternatively a combination of two tracks where one is mounted overhead in addition to a lower matching track to provide a tension based solution. Next, you need to choose your cable(s) each track has the ability to have one (or several) cables hanging from it providing a fully customizable solution. At MBS, we provide a selection of clear nylon or durable stainless steel cables. The nylon cables provide an ideal solution to giving the illusion of floating artwork. However, when it comes to heavier artwork you will want to utilize the stainless steel cables to ensure you will be able to hold a weight up to seventy eight pounds. The rail is also able to be painted as in the image on the right.

The easy to use, easy to install, easy to change wall hanging easy rail system will make displaying your treasured artwork a snap! No more damaging walls - just hang the easy picture rail system once, then change and rearrange whenever you want!

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