Classic Rail & Wire Picture Hanging System

Classic Rail Close upOver the years Art Hanging Classic Rail Systems have proven themselves as tried and true. Classic Rail Hanging Systems have been used in museums and galleries for many years and shine anywhere that pictures are being changed frequently, and any time you need to hang heavy art.

One aspect that is important to note is that a classic rail system has the ability to hang artwork from sturdy aluminum rods or cables made from stainless steel or nylon. This makes the classic rail the most versatile of art hanging systems.

There are numerous opportunities and applications you can unlock by using a classic rail system. Once the track is installed you will be able to easily adjust the distance between the rods or even hang several art pieces or pictures from a single rod. Don’t forget to consider the use of anti-theft hardware and stabilizers to protect your priceless artwork and memories.

The wall hanging classic rail is seriously a heavy duty solution when it comes to hanging your priceless artwork and captured moments in life. A wall-mounted rail combined with aluminum rods is capable of carrying up to an amazing 300 lbs!

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